Baking Healthy Homemade Breads with Golden Loaf Pans

The crunchy skin, the soft interior and the attractive aroma are the charm of bread. You only need to have a vertical mixer and the right loaf pans, the bread recipe will be easy to make. CHEFMADE ® offers a variety of bread pan styles (American, British, French, etc.) to help you bake classic and creative bread. learn more about the bread baking pan styles in this collection to find the right one for your kitchen.

Classical Loaf Pans

Traditional loaf pans are usually rectangular and square shaped. The classic loaf pans are made of carbon steel, which means that even and quick heat distribution and your bread will rise consistently. CHEFMADE ® enhances the edge structure of the pans, improves the stability and effectively prevents warpage under high temperature. You can also jump out of the traditional restrictions and make a new style bread with a circular or other shape of cake pans.

Toast Box

CHEFMADE ® collection of toast box has two structures, corrugated and flat. Both toast boxes come with sliding lids that you can combine to bake American flat top or British hump toast. This collection is made of aluminized steel, which has stronger rust proof ability , fast and even heat conduction. Different size of the bottom of the boxes will have different number of air holes. During the baking process, the hot air can enter the box through the holes to realize the internal circulation, baking the delicious toast with crisp outer skin and soft inner.

French Bread pan

Our baguette pan is used to make narrow baguette. The bread slots are 2 inches apart. Carbon steel material covered with silicone nonstick coating, the perfect combination of fast heat conduction and nonstick performance. Dense pore design, accelerate the penetration and flow of hot air and water vapor, effectively improve the crispness of bread crust.

A durable loaf pan can save you money and time. An excellent bread pan can make your bread more delicious. Self confident purchase, CHEFMADE ® bread mold, to help you become bread master.